Friday, 21 March 2008


Well, look at that then... doesn't seem to be much difference between using a pen, scanning it in, lining it all up, cleaning the images, putting it into AFX, and then you get the same result as using a tablet in about half the time.

Oh, and it's environmentally friendly too, cause this method is gonna save me a whole lot of money in paper, and you can make more mistakes cause it's all pixels anyway!

Right, well I'm at homehome now and going skiing from Sunday for a week, so no broken bones pending I will be back to work, with a planned purchase of a WACOM tablet (not a table like I've been using!) to continue my final project. In less than three weeks Bianca is coming over for a week which will be fantastic and together we will work on our FMPs and maybe record some more sounds together like we did at St Joost.

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Bianca Ansems said...

Hah! I have 72 and you only 41! hurrrrrrr