Tuesday, 11 March 2008

What? Seriously... will the madness never cease?!??

No, clearly it will not, and this is another animatic that I actually did last night but the YouTube link seemed to be up the spout but now, having just checked BEFORE uploading it again at college I found it to be alive and well...

Phew! That was a long one, huh? Now, don't get TOO excited, as I have spoken to Suzie and she pointed out it goes painfully slowly in places and that he shouldn't see or hear the angels while he is having fun and so just ignore them when you rewatch this animatic over and over again after you've finished reading this thrilling blog post.

We had a group crit/discussion thingy this afternoon which went quickly because Suzie is busy with top secret governmental animations (or not...) and had to leave sooner than she thought, but we saw some peoples work, including a rather swish fly through intro sequence by Simon and some words spoken about poor Hannah's dead computer.

So, that is all for the moment, but wait there will be MORE!!! I bet you can't wait, and so I tell you keep a beady eye on my YouTube page for "Insect Animatic" which is currently processing as I type this... I will endeavour to post a direct link of it later tonight.

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