Monday, 28 January 2008

Faces!!! (Updated)

So, when I am not doing proper FMP or dissertation work I'll add a couple of different swimmer men!

Speeding along...

A (rather fast) walk cycle I did this morning, he bounces a bit and loops perfectly I think, not too bad for about 15 frames.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Working hard...

Yesterday I had a fairly busy day, with recording sound in the morning for the Breda project (making goose noises!!) with the help of Phil the technician.

I also did some 3D work on the model of Swimming Man again, fixed his feet and made some fingers, tweaked other bits here and there, then went back again later in the evening to learn how to skin him.

In between doing 3D I did another line-test that was for climbing out of a pool, it was meant to be an island but the way you walk out on a slope wasn't as interesting to draw, so I thought to make it more as if it was a swimming pool instead.

(apologies for it being really faded and bleached out)

I have a dissertation meeting today at 4pm and will take along what I've written so far (three chapters and the introduction) but I'll try and do more before then, might go in to college to do another line test too (maybe the walk out of water).

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

There's my axe!!

This is a bit of animation I've done today after the crit. session we had, I have also done more on the actual axe-swinging bit from the earlier post.

To put off doing animating I also did another couple of lines of different faces too.

Monday, 21 January 2008

A (Swimming) Man of Many Faces

I might fill up one page in my sketchbook of these... I already have two lines (this is a chopped up version).

Put on 3D glasses NOW!

Well, starting last week I have been modelling in Silo in the Games Design room at NSAD a 3D Swimming Man, partly to remind myself of how to use it and hopefully learn a bit more to hold me in good stead for the future in the "real" world.

^Click on this picture to watch it animate (it's a gif but I don't know why it's not playing here).

This is a 7 frame test that I did today (having woken up at 12.30pm!?!?! I mean.... what the heck?!??) so, I'll wake up EARLY tomorrow and do lots more on it, he's lifting his axe to chop down a tree he's noticed pop out of the ground.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Favourite Phobias ( far)

This is a potential list of the 9 phobias that I will use in the final film, meaning that I can focus on them straight away rather than meandering about all 26 letters.

A - Arachnophobia (spiders).
D - Dendrophobia (trees).
E - Ecclesiophobia (churches) and Entomophobia (insects).
F - Felinophobia (cats).
I - Isolophobia (being alone).
M - Melissophobia (bees) and Melophobia (music).
Z - Zoophobia (animals).

Although I do love my drawings of angels that I did for Uranophobia (heaven) so could always end up with him dying only to start screaming as he's carried aloft by angels who drop him back in the water at the very end of the animation.

So, now (along with dissertation) I can start further work on the preproduction side of things... animation tests/animatics/storyboards (in no particular order!).

A is for Arachnophobia

An idea and consequent storyboard that could become the opening to my Phobia animation.
It starts out by showing the Swimmer Man in his natural home, swimming, happy until a shark's fin appears and he swims to an island where the shark can't reach him.
The island is covered in sharp black rocks which SM walks through slowly as little spiders creep about hidden from his view, but not ours, the shark meanwhile goes away bored... (or he can burst out and scare SM into knocking into a rock).
He looks round one rock and comes face to face with a little spider, he steps back startled and knocks into a rock where lots of spiders crawl all over him making him dance about trying to get rid of them... he eventually gets rid of all of them and dives into the water again.

I sketched out a rock-crab/spider thing that could wake up after he's gone or maybe make it more spider like and less like a shell of a crab though if I'm to use it.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Room of books!

Just fill the rest in with your mind...

Christmas is over... but the phobias are just beginning!

Expect an animation test or two and lots more drawings over the coming weeks!


Saturday, 5 January 2008

Year of the Swimmer

So, I know I haven't done a whole lot of blogging and for that matter not so much FMP work either, but that is partly due to relaxing over the holiday but also because I have been working on my dissertation in the hopes that doing that now will free up term time for FMP work instead.

Well this is a bunch of expressions for the swimmer man, I have storyboarded a couple of ideas for the phobias too, very rough at the moment, and now that I have a camera will do some stop motion shorts as well that I may use for FMP too.
I'm still unsure about making the mouth open like it's been cut out of a sphere, I guess it makes sense really so I'll probably stick to it, if he does open his mouth much at all!