Saturday, 16 April 2011

T.V.Z : Katana

That ladder's a bit of a safety hazard.
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T.V.Z : Nail-bat

The early undead catches the bat.
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T.V.Z : Paddle/chainsaw.

Trying to keep the peace.
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Toby vs The Zombies

These are two little sticker-like images I made and taped to an envelope when I tried to send Mr Toby Jackman something a while ago (it didn't make it however, I blame French postmen, but that's another story) - the reason for the zombie was that I was posting a Resident Evil game to him and the chainsaw/paddle weapon he's carrying is an iconic mash-up from the cover of a different zombie game, Dead Rising 2.


These are the little guys that I designed for the Comenius project's visit to the UK recently, the project is a group of seven different schools from across Europe and every now and then six of the countries descend on the seventh with a few teachers and pupils from each to visit their partner schools and experience another culture.

I was asked to do a fun illustration that could be printed on some draw string bags as a free gift to all those involved, they already have a logo that features all seven flags in colour with a handshake in front of it, I still used the flag idea but this way it simply shows that they're not that different, all together, all smiling!

I was pleased with how they came out especially consider the timescale (the design was only done and sent to the printers a few days before they all arrived!) and it's fun once more to see my work on a product.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


These gentlemen were originally drawn (with a fineliner pen) on individually hand-made cards in 2007 but never sold (I even made little brown paper envelopes for them!), some of them had the speech bubble part cut out so you could see inside the card a bit and write something in the gap.
There are a few more, including about half a dozen listening to music on headphones connected to various devices (which aren't iPods).

I scanned these in and coloured them in digitally then arranged them so that they're good as a widescreen HD wallpaper (which you can get by clicking here).

ps: apologies for the lack of posts in March, I've been busy getting ready to move to Canada on May 2nd and seeing people (in Norwich and France so far) before I leave!