Friday, 25 April 2008

Logan and his hotdog.

Well, after trying to load this onto GoogleVideo and it seemingly failing despite it's assurances that it hadn't I decided to try to just load straight into Blogger, and that worked ~ woohoo!

Anyway, long time, no write, I know... I have been getting on with work mostly, today I recorded some sounds and learned a bit more about Logic (thanks to the lovely John) and last night I drew these guys...

initially it was just Fat/Batman, and then I figured Wolverine would be funny large and in his classic costume, then I needed a third one and since I didn't fancy drawing Spiderman's webbing on his costume I figured Superman would do for now. I might draw more, oh, and they were all done without sketching, just using the Wacom tablet entirely!

Look at me, paperless...

I've booked in to various rooms for more drawing and recording for the first half of next week, Tuesday's going to be VERY busy, with drawing/flash/crit/recording!!!

All in all, it's going well, I mean, clearly in my mind I have enough time to postulate on what superheroes would be like with a little less exercise in their regimes.

Friday, 18 April 2008


This morning these are my efforts, I'm quite pleased with how it's gone, still need to add a reaction and also the hand pushing the tree top.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

What if I say I'm not like the others?

Work? Yes, I have been doing work... but, I have also been spending time with a certain ladyfriend, continuing to get to grips with the wacom tablet and meeting a lovely man called Tim Hunkin who makes some fabulous coin-op machines that sometimes feature silly little stop-motion animation similar to my 'A Garden Called Panic' so hopefully I'll meet him again in the future.

This week though I have been doing a few more bits, including this ladder bit from the Heaven segment, what do you think?

Possibly too much movement on the horizon line of the sea I think, and I'm not sure about the birds yet either, but the movement on the swimmerman's climbing is decent enough.

Right, considering I meant to do a lot of work today but various things keep stopping me I'm heading home to use the wacom there as I think today it will be easier to do that (also persuaded the DV technicians that it made sense to have the wacom drivers permanently on these computers - thank goodness, see Bianca something good came of it all!!?)

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Welcome to Jurassic Park : Norwich!

I wish.

Anyway... You all remember this fabulous illustration of things with legs and teeth that I did back in my 'traditional' days when ink was real, well today, using amber and DNA extraction technology we were able to reproduce it on an actual computer screen to roam about in the Photoshop Plains.

So, this morning I have been testing out the WACOM once more and experimenting with drawing the monster/dinosaurs that come out of one door in the Zoophobia segment.

As you can see from the first image I tried out a variety of line strengths and pixel widths all in the same composition so as to compare them easier.

I already knew that the 5px was too thick (Rowena said it was like Bang On The Door) a bit too graphic compared to my book work, particularly when coloured in.

The earlier test drawings I made had been using a line of 5px with 50% flow, but now I lowered it to 4px and varied the flow. I think that unfortunately the 3px line is too thin and will flicker when moving apparently, it's also quite pale even on 100% flow as it is here.

I think that I will stick with 4px from now on at about 100% flow, maybe a little less perhaps, but we'll see, now I just need to get on with it a bit more before term starts again.
Although, seeing them next to my original drawing on screen up there the 50% does look like it could also work... dammit... okay, let's just try it with 70% perhaps!!

(The colours are just a silly thing, and I don't think that I'd do it like that if I do end up using colour, so don't panic!)

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

(April) showers of new work!

Here is a Photoshop sketch I made using the WACOM after I did some similar drawings in my sketchbook, to try and make some sort of vague model sheet and come across a bit professional.

This shows that roughly six heads are equal to his whole height, although I'm fairly sure that I won't stick to closely to that purely because of how I draw, but we'll see!

So, rather than to obviously continue this with animating Swimmerman I looked through my storyboards for something I fancied trying as I'm still kinda testing the WACOM and getting used to it again after being away skiing for a week.

Snake? Snake...?! SNAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKEEEEEE?!??!!???!!!!!!*

*let's see how geeky some people are then... where's that from?