Sunday, 9 March 2008


The Animatic of Wonder (or the Zoophobia animatic I made today)!! Well, I'm finally progressing a bit with this FMP lark, and have created something that gives you an idea of timing and stuff... sorry it's in two parts, it was just how I made it and it was faster to upload like that too.

Part 1 (21sec)

Part 2 (34sec)

Oh, and the sound for the Breda/Norwich animation I worked on with Bianca is done and put on to the video, so here it is... hold on to your ears for the mindblowing awesomeness...

That was an audio extravaganza... don't you think??!? What do you mean... it's amateurish??! We just don't like sound that much, that's all, and we had fun and that counts for something surely!

Right, well, I still have another animatic to do soon for the tree phobia that I did the storyboard for ages ago now. Hope you liked these videos... until next time!

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