Thursday, 6 March 2008

Back to work...

...but with Easter coming up fast and school shutting for some time over that time I realise how my time is being eaten into without me even trying, so, that sucks.

Since, I don't have a lightbox or a DAR for filming AND the holidays are THREE WEEKS?!?!! I don't WANT that much time off, argh!!

Anyway, I went to a talk with Max Hattler (Collision, Drift, Everything Turns) and he gave me a bit of a tutorial afterwards as well, I showed him my sketchbook and he liked the style and suggested that maybe I should try to draw directly in to the computer, and after last week when Bianca taught me how good and easy TV-Paint is to basically do what you can with paper animating with a lot LESS hassle in the long run... which means maybe I should think about investing in a WACOM tablet, which would mean I wouldn't have to rely on college being open and could test animation over weekends and evenings.

***(As promised (to Suzie and Zainal) here is a storyboard for Zoophobia, it's not as clear as I think it could be, but hopefully you can follow it...)***

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES have been sorted out...

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