Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012

Doggy Paddle

Lucy the Westie

Lucy is my girlfriend's West Highland Terrier who I have got to know over the past year or so and after doing a bunch of Octopussy drawings I got a bit bored of counting the eight legs each time and threw in some dogs which led to the illustrated debut of Lucy!

Here's a tiled version of the first selection of Lucy drawings for use as a wallpaper,
I already have a bunch more done so look out for those in the future!

Stone Giant

A sketch of a creature partially inspired by Shadow of the Colossus - the stepped platform on his back would appear as part of the landscape if he laid down for a century long sleep, blending into the landscape.

Familiar & New.

Here's a selection of characters I had drawn a while back and never got round to putting online.
You may notice a few from other things (Firefly/Portal) whereas the rest are original characters.