Wednesday, 2 April 2008

(April) showers of new work!

Here is a Photoshop sketch I made using the WACOM after I did some similar drawings in my sketchbook, to try and make some sort of vague model sheet and come across a bit professional.

This shows that roughly six heads are equal to his whole height, although I'm fairly sure that I won't stick to closely to that purely because of how I draw, but we'll see!

So, rather than to obviously continue this with animating Swimmerman I looked through my storyboards for something I fancied trying as I'm still kinda testing the WACOM and getting used to it again after being away skiing for a week.

Snake? Snake...?! SNAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKEEEEEE?!??!!???!!!!!!*

*let's see how geeky some people are then... where's that from?