Sunday, 11 July 2010

Breakfast from the Past.

Cornflake Bowl, 2005

(Taken as part of a first year photography "Product Shot" project that I was totally unprepared for; no ideas/concepts, no materials/props and being the last in the alphabet I was alone unlike everyone else working in pairs. After a quick sketch session I got approval for the cornflake bowl idea, rushed to the shops and hunted for a bowl, spoon, cornflakes and table cloth material - specifically a blue and white checkered pattern. I recall a vast amount of the rest of that day was spent with the brand new bowl, plenty of spray glue and a lot of cornflakes being stuck to my fingers. Then we set up the shot, which was simple enough, except for getting the stripes of the cloth lined up. Despite the lack of planning and being a tad rushed in the morning I really enjoyed this project and am always rather proud of how the shot turned out, and the cornflake bowl was a delightfully surreal prop in itself.)