Friday, 7 March 2008

Do NOT Feed The Drawings!

Today I went in fairly early intending to do lots of work but ended up talking to Catherine and Zainal about my work and holiday, helping Jane with her dissertation binding and getting filled in on the latest developments in our show's location.

I decided to work on better designs for the animals that Swimming Man encounters in the Zoophobia episode, as seen in yesterday's storyboard, and here is the LION based more on an earlier drawing in my sketchbook and more in keeping with my style than the one in the storyboard.

The next obvious one to do was the SNAKE and he was a little tricky to figure out how his mouth would possibly open/work if indeed it will open and he won't simply hiss and poke his forked tongue out.

I also did a quick drawing of the monsters/dinosaurs/dangerous creatures he discovers in the last opening of the door...

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