Friday, 22 May 2009

The Menagerie of the Bizarre.

A while back Bianca and I went to London Zoo as you might have read when she blogged about it here - Bianca's Blog. I made a couple of drawings the animals, including some monkeys, a fish, a tiny emu, an iguana and some birds. Afterward we sat in the park next to the zoo and did some more little sketches as well as of some random made up creatures including this odd little creature.

More recently on a few of my commutes to Trunk I've been sketching out a couple of dragon like creatures. The first one was based more on the iguana that I had from the zoo and originally was only going to have fore-arms and tail but then I made it a bit less tadpole-like! I also tried out a few eye types. I was really pleased with the roughly sketched out dragon-lizard which I think worked well because of the way the head is pointing backwards like a cat or dog. The other page came from starting to draw a skull-type object and that evolved into a tribesman who worshiped dragons, and these are the symbols that represent the giant beasts in their temples.