Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Oh (Hell)boy!

It's been quite a while since I last posted anything on here and having drawn this version of Hellboy after seeing the various interpretations of different superhero costumes at Project Rooftop and I love Mike Mignola's artwork so much (I wish I could work with shadow like he does!) The other bits and pieces are the initial gun sketch and the original left hand, the BPRD symbol and a skull thrown in at the end for good measure!

Recently I've not had so much time for my own work as we've been very busy at Trunk finishing Siri Melchior's latest children's short film 'Flojtelos/Whistleless', as well as a party for showing the latest showreel and a couple of never before seen animations, also caught up with a few ex-NSAD people at the NUCA animation graduate screening held in the Framestore basement.

A few weeks ago I got to see the first episode of Show Me Show Me, a new Cbeebies show that I worked on (at a BBC screening), animating the title sequence, five short story segments, nine 'wipes' and the credits, it was really great seeing it all put together and meeting all the other people who had worked on the live action side of things; it has been on since 6th July and if you missed it then catch up on the iPlayer!

Now I'm continuing on at Trunk helping out on the more technical side but still animating too - a new title sequence is a future possibility, I also hope to do more of my own animated and illustrated work.