Thursday, 21 February 2008

And like that, he's gone...

...or at least I will be come Sunday 24th, after handing in my dissertation, making and wearing another awesome homemade costume to our End Of Dissertation party and going out with Jane and Joseph for a goodbye drink or something then I will be getting a taxi/train/plane to Schipol Airport and for the first time I think someone will be waiting for me!

So there it is, two hard bound copies, a soft copy and FIVE abstracts!! I also have a CD with it on, it's more bits than an 'In Rainbows' boxset. But of course I think I've used too much on the Letraset white lettering and have only done one spine so far, the other one will be all in capitals!

Meanwhile, I have got back the results for assessment and I got a high 2:2, which was a bit of a shock and will act as a boot up the backside upon my return on the 5th of March. I have storyboarded the Dendrophobia scene and talked with the sound guys at college about underwater mics and recording splashes.

Oh, and I am now 22... I naturally got some (Indiana Jones) LEGO!! and a LEGO Star Wars T-Shirt, as well as two posters, some Pixar DVDs and live collection CDs.

Breda, here I come! x

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