Friday, 25 April 2008

Logan and his hotdog.


Well, after trying to load this onto GoogleVideo and it seemingly failing despite it's assurances that it hadn't I decided to try to just load straight into Blogger, and that worked ~ woohoo!

Anyway, long time, no write, I know... I have been getting on with work mostly, today I recorded some sounds and learned a bit more about Logic (thanks to the lovely John) and last night I drew these guys...

initially it was just Fat/Batman, and then I figured Wolverine would be funny large and in his classic costume, then I needed a third one and since I didn't fancy drawing Spiderman's webbing on his costume I figured Superman would do for now. I might draw more, oh, and they were all done without sketching, just using the Wacom tablet entirely!

Look at me, paperless...

I've booked in to various rooms for more drawing and recording for the first half of next week, Tuesday's going to be VERY busy, with drawing/flash/crit/recording!!!

All in all, it's going well, I mean, clearly in my mind I have enough time to postulate on what superheroes would be like with a little less exercise in their regimes.


james henry said...

I am totally sold on the adventures of Fat Wolverine.

Bianca Ansems said...