Thursday, 17 April 2008

What if I say I'm not like the others?

Work? Yes, I have been doing work... but, I have also been spending time with a certain ladyfriend, continuing to get to grips with the wacom tablet and meeting a lovely man called Tim Hunkin who makes some fabulous coin-op machines that sometimes feature silly little stop-motion animation similar to my 'A Garden Called Panic' so hopefully I'll meet him again in the future.

This week though I have been doing a few more bits, including this ladder bit from the Heaven segment, what do you think?

Possibly too much movement on the horizon line of the sea I think, and I'm not sure about the birds yet either, but the movement on the swimmerman's climbing is decent enough.

Right, considering I meant to do a lot of work today but various things keep stopping me I'm heading home to use the wacom there as I think today it will be easier to do that (also persuaded the DV technicians that it made sense to have the wacom drivers permanently on these computers - thank goodness, see Bianca something good came of it all!!?)

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