Friday, 30 November 2007


So, turns out that Jane had my dissertation stuff all along (because I had given it to her to carry on the Friday after my tutorial) and she eventually brought it in on Tuesday meaning I've had to do a fair bit to make up for that lost week... anyway, I've got started a bit more and finally read some of the books I got from the library and even made a bit of a start on a rough introduction.

We had a talk yesterday from Lloyd Burr who had worked on the Playstation 2 games 'The Getaway' and 'The Getaway: Black Monday' mainly in the animation/mo-cap areas, fortunately we were able to talk to him individually afterwards and this meant that Hannah and I could interview him about subjects relating to my dissertation. Now I just have to write this up and listen to it a couple of times and see what I can gain from both our questions, I've also got a book that's only just come back to the library 'Folk Devils and Moral Panic' which I'll get on with over the weekend.

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