Friday, 23 November 2007

Diss-argh-tation!!! (22/11-23/11)

- Pounding headache from 2am to dawn
- Can hardly sleep
- Take painkillers
- Sleep through to midday
- Intend to do dissertation work
- Look for diss' stuff, can't find it....
- Go to college and look, can't find it
- Draw some animals, post them on the blog
- Have dinner and go on the internet
- Watch Mighty Boosh

- Get up relatively early
- Go on internet
- Look for diss' stuff/Tidy my room
- Come to college and ask about diss' stuff again
- Write this I'll look some more and then do FMP work
- Drew some angels and scanned them in
- Bought chocolate from the Textiles' girls
- Scanned/Coloured the angels
- Printed out cut out pieces of insects for stopmotion test
- Went to SU for a post-college drink

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