Monday, 19 November 2007

About time.....

.....I got excited about an idea for this project.

Having been struggling with what to do that is funny but also structured so after talking with people, mainly Bianca, about it I thought more about a guy I drew doing different activities/sports and then this morning (in the shower, no less) I pictured an alphabetised list of things to do.
It also meant that I had a decent first page in my new sketchbook, which is the most important thing of course, all the letters of the alphabet in different hand-drawn fonts....after that I listed (with a little help from Wikipedia) over 26 sports, although not all the letters were as easy as others.
While looking up sports, Suzie suggested doing a list of phobias, which I liked the sound of even more than the sports. So once I had enough sports listed I searched again for phobias and found a superb selection that I can already picture making rather humourous little the Boots adverts.

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