Monday, 3 December 2007

No Running! No Bombing! No Heavy Petting! No Dinosaurs!

So over the weekend I did some walking about town (which was a mistake, this close to Chrismas the shops are horrendous to be in) and renewed my library books at the Forum which I've had for 3 months now...... I shaved my beard off as it was getting to much and I haven't got round to buying a trimming set like Joseph/Dad.

I transcribed the interview with Lloyd Burr, which took forever, and it was quite interesting to listen and note down speech as it really is, because there are so many times when sentences aren't finished and words are cut off, so writing that down took a while but Hannah's done her half so we can share resources.

I haven't done a great deal of work on the Phobias film but I've done a couple of drawings, including this one just now of a T-Rex and a swimmer man, I like him, he could be a recurring, if not main, character... I like the simplicity and he's got no nose which might be another reason that I like him.

Last week of term started today! So, that sucks as well as being good, but I just want to stop time and do all my FMP or all my diss and then start it again, it's not fair that we have to write an essay, we're art students we make finger paintings!!!

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