Thursday, 15 November 2007

From Summer to Autumn...

In preparation for my final year and the major project I would be undertaking I used a sketchbook over the summer holidays drawing random things, from the sights in the French Alps to silly ideas in my head.

At one point I drew a lot of heads, trying to figure out a style that I could easily replicate, and this was when I thought about a racing idea, a driving race probably. I planned to use simple, hand-drawn, black line-art cut out digitally and placed into photographed backgrounds...I was unsure of the technique and whether it would look any good, but took hundreds of plate photographs with this idea in mind.
It looked alright, but I couldn't think of enough of a story to go with the racing idea and so when I returned from holiday it was soon dropped in favour of ghosts and skulls...

This was mainly a material and technique experiment for me, but I did enjoy it despite there being no end in sight. I would love to try and use (brown) paper cut-out in a stop motion way, perhaps having these ghosts drifting about in real world environments.
Starting back at college though I was forced to realise the futility of this avenue and moved on once again.

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