Monday, 10 December 2007

Just keep swimmin', just keep drawin'...

I have been doing work...honest, it's just I haven't made time for blogging about it, hopefully I will add images to this post soon, or make a new one, because I have been scanning in most of them so far.

I have focussed on the Swimming Man and have drawn various different costumes/situations/water-related objects for him.

In other news: I haven't done any Christmas shopping because shops are stupidly busy now, I've been doing things for the NSAD Christmas show to sell some images in little frames, see if anyone would buy them, and going on the internet a fair bit in between eating and drinking. So, not too much dissertation either... oops!

Anyway, I shall endeavour to upload some pictures of my current work, and maybe afx a little something or other soon too.

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Bianca Ansems said...

You are not working HARD ENOUGH!!! *hits you with a whip (and not the sexy ones, but the ones with little pieces of glass rubbed in the ends)
No time for christmas! No time for new year! No time for fun D:
Just workdrawwriteworkdrawwriteworkdrawwrite