Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Proof is in the Sketching (Book)!

Here is a bit of a pictoral update, with several combined pages of the swimming man character as different things (originally I had the idea that he could be the phobias, but this meant even more characters to be affected)... but you can see how easy he is to draw and that I enjoyed having him as a focus.

(clockwise from left) Climbing a tree/beanstalk,
drinking a massive mug of tea, ghostly swimmer, swim-sect, heavenly swimmer, bacteria (not pizza), a cat and a Halloween mask.

(clockwise from left) Balancing on stilts, feeling claustrophobic, look I like ghosts, beeeeees and fish, snow-swimmer, round head filled with drink, hello - my name is.... and a dendrophobe at work.

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