Sunday, 17 February 2008

Nearly over...

...then normal work patterns can resume.

Dissertation (as seen above!) is due in this Friday (22nd) and so at the moment that is the main focus, although if I can fit in an animatic of one scene (Dendrophobia - which I have storyboarded!!) before I leave for Holland on the 24th then that would be a bonus.

We also have the continued organisation of the dissertation party AND final show, which is going slowly but surely, so that's all good.

In other news: I saw 'I Am Legend' last night which was pretty good, with amazing CG and
a few jumpy moments!! and I have the next episode of Lost (4.3) to watch later on as well!!

Oh, and it's my birthday on Tuesday which I'm unsure as to what I will do what with dissertation dominating most of my time unfortunately.

Listening to: Interpol - Slow Hands (Eden Sessions)

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