Thursday, 24 January 2008

Working hard...

Yesterday I had a fairly busy day, with recording sound in the morning for the Breda project (making goose noises!!) with the help of Phil the technician.

I also did some 3D work on the model of Swimming Man again, fixed his feet and made some fingers, tweaked other bits here and there, then went back again later in the evening to learn how to skin him.

In between doing 3D I did another line-test that was for climbing out of a pool, it was meant to be an island but the way you walk out on a slope wasn't as interesting to draw, so I thought to make it more as if it was a swimming pool instead.

(apologies for it being really faded and bleached out)

I have a dissertation meeting today at 4pm and will take along what I've written so far (three chapters and the introduction) but I'll try and do more before then, might go in to college to do another line test too (maybe the walk out of water).

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