Monday, 14 January 2008

Favourite Phobias ( far)

This is a potential list of the 9 phobias that I will use in the final film, meaning that I can focus on them straight away rather than meandering about all 26 letters.

A - Arachnophobia (spiders).
D - Dendrophobia (trees).
E - Ecclesiophobia (churches) and Entomophobia (insects).
F - Felinophobia (cats).
I - Isolophobia (being alone).
M - Melissophobia (bees) and Melophobia (music).
Z - Zoophobia (animals).

Although I do love my drawings of angels that I did for Uranophobia (heaven) so could always end up with him dying only to start screaming as he's carried aloft by angels who drop him back in the water at the very end of the animation.

So, now (along with dissertation) I can start further work on the preproduction side of things... animation tests/animatics/storyboards (in no particular order!).

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