Thursday, 5 November 2009

Skulls Galore!

Skulls from Christopher Wright on Vimeo.

Here's a little something that I might end up using on a new version of my website as buttons (if I can learn how to do that) just imagine hovering the mouse over a skull and it animating in the way you see in the video. They were based off of some sketches (if I have time I'll put up the original drawing) I had done back in uni and since I had a lack of inspiration the other night I thought I'd see if I could reproduce them and then add some life to the lot of them.

Trunk have put up a few of the pieces that I worked on this past year and a bit about what I actually did on each, so take a look at them, enjoy!

1. Whistleless (Extract) - animation, composition, design.
2. Big School (Titles) - animated doodles and typography.
3. Major Lazer (Music Video) - rotoscoped monster tongue, matte work, animated bats.
4. The World's … And Me (Series 3) - background elements and men in suits animation.

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