Thursday, 4 December 2008

Walking (to) Work

Since of course in the War animation the men are part of an army they will mostly all be walking the same walk, nice and regimented, but that doesn't mean some of them mess it up from time to time, hence I have to draw a few more walk cycles... good practice!
I'm wondering if I will have this piece finished by the New Year as originally hoped (but not planned) certainly the sound will take time to do as I'll need to reacquaint myself with Logic.

Trunk are a lovely little animation company, and last Thursday as I was in London I stopped by their attic-based white washed studio and said hello to two of their directors Siri Melchior and Steve Smith. It is possible that they have a position for an intern and I will hopefully hear back soon, they are both lovely people and their studio space was delightful.

In other news: Bianca's moving over Sunday 14th and coming skiing with us!

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